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Darned Query Letters

 I'm working hard at query letters for agents. I've had some help, which is great, but it's not helping me get them out the door. And how to really summarize a novel in a few paragraphs? I think in long form, so squeezing it down into such a short space feels like a challenge.

And I guess, something in this process must be work. The writing didn't feel at all like work. Wish writing query letters didn't feel like work. 

Here's my current synopsis of the first novel:

In The Casitians Return, life on Earth changes forever when aliens of human origin arrive with a startling new mandate, and the technology to enforce it.

The aliens are here — and they are us. Or rather, they are human beings from another star system who have come to reunite the two branches of humanity, whether we like it or not. These aliens (who call themselves Casitians since their planet, Casiti, is casi tierra, or “almost earth,”) are mandated by the Galactic Council to make earth a more enduring, peaceful and sustainable community — not so much for people, but for dolphins, the true galactic citizens. Predictably, many Earth humans resist, and the Casitians unveil a surprising solution: Earth humans are given the option to migrate to a whole new planet.

Follow Marianne, a whip-smart programmer, Joel, a SETI scientist, Ja’el, a Casitian woman of mystery, and a host of others on this engaging exploration of what might happen when humans meet … ourselves. Who stays on Earth, who goes, and how it all unfolds forms the central plot of this 90,000 word novel, the first of a completed trilogy.

We'll see how it goes...



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Dec. 7th, 2010 06:46 pm (UTC)
Try going to http://jmeadows.livejournal.com/ and searching her "query project" tag for help with the letters. She actually has a number of these.
I have to admit that the one you have here doesn't grab me at all. * Sometimes I think we're just soo close to our work we can't really see the (blurb) forest.
marketers are always saying that one needs an "elevator pitch" - 10 second statement about what you do (or want to do). Weirdly enough, it seems to apply to writing, too.
*forex: in second para, cut everything up to "mandated by. . ." Explain who Galactic Counsel is. Why dolphins? How do dolphins and humans form a community?
Last para is just a list of characters - what do they do?
:-) ? any help? Hope so. Available to beta read. (less cryptically than this comment, though.)
Dec. 13th, 2010 11:45 pm (UTC)
That's helpful. I looked at the query project page, and there are some good letters there to work from. I have been reading a fair bit of other letters, and tried to use some of the same techniques. I'm getting there...
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